Why did we move to this slogan? Simple, because its 100% true. Here at Strobes N' More we are dedicated to selling only top quality, front line products. Sure anyone can go to China (and many do) and buy lights for pennies on the dollar and tell you how great they are, but we refuse. We refuse to sell anything less than first quality primary warning lights. All our lights whether from Whelen the largest supplier in the world to Feniex the up and comer in the industry, we will only bring you lights that are guaranteed to outperform, outlast, and built with your safety in mind.  We know you have a job to do and we want you to get to that job safely. Lately we have seen lots of junk, gimmicks, and some really bad products hit the market. These products put you are risk on many levels. For starters they are built to little or no standards or testing. These are products that primarily come from China and are simply purchased off a web site and resold to you at a ridiculous markup. Secondly the quality and light output of these products are terrible. Sure they may look like a Strobes N More, Federal Signal, or Whelen light but they are not even close. On top of the low quality, low output, they don’t come with any insurance.  Many customers do not consider this factor when looking at lighting. All the major manufacturers including us make sure all our products are fully backed by product liability insurance. We are able to insure our products because of the time, engineering, and quality we put into manufacturing a font line product. 

So before you go out and buy some Chinese-made junk consider this. Quality counts and at Strobes N' More we offer you quality you can trust!  Louis

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