So a few weeks back I had the pleasure of attending the Masters Event at Feniex Industries.  Initially I declined however I changed my mind and I am glad I did.  

Upon arrival I was met at the airport by a police escort motorcade, my rep, and several staff from Feniex.  We then made my way to Feniex headquarters.   I met with staff from all different departments, met other reps, and they toured the new facility.  Let me tell you that Feniex has one awesome building.  Hamzas’ neat, clean, and organized building reminded me of our offices as I am a bit OCD.  The production and build area was specifically designed by Hamza to be as efficient as possible and had a real nice flow to it.   I was very happy to see that all the products are truly built in the USA and most all suppliers are USA companies.   I was also very pleased to see that they test each and every light before it leaves the facility.  

That evening all the dealers were treated to a great meal and we all had a chance to chat, get to know each other, and talk shop.   Some of us stayed up a bit too late talking.  The following morning we all met for breakfast and a keynote event. 

The Keynote was great.  Hamza was very up front with us on past issues and updated us on all the changes that have been implemented and those that are in the works.  He talked about new products that are coming down the pike and most importantly he talked about the company philosophy which to sum it up is all about safety and keeping those who use their products safe and offering the best products at a reasonable price.  

After the keynote we all returned to Feniex headquarters.  We then broke up into groups and met with Sales, Marketing, Engineering, and finally a round table where we were free to talk about anything. 

Overall it was a very productive visit.  I learned quite a bit about Feniex, its products, things to come, and most importantly I made connections with fellow dealers and Feniex employees. 

So thanks for having me Feniex and looking forward to my next visit.

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