Why do we carry so many products and which one is best is a question we get often.  We do our best to carry the best brands in emergency warning lights and products but not one single item fits all applications.  Let's take, for example, our switches.  Just this morning I updated our switch page.  Generally when I do this I look at what sells and what customers prefer the most.   However, it can be a challenge because there is not one switch that fits every application.  Some customers (myself included) like to keep things simple.  One switch for all front lights and one for the all of the rear; others might want to be able to turn only some lights on and others off.  It’s all a matter of preference.  The other issue that comes us is "do I need to stick with the same brand as my lights?This would only be the case with switches designed to be used with certain products, especially lightbars.  For example Whelen Engineering offers several switch boxes designed to be used with their WeCan Lightbars.  These bars use a special module to operate, thus the use of a switch box designed for these bars makes the install much easier and the operation more user friendly.  

An easy way to decide what switch you need is simple.  First, decide how many switches or functions you need.  For Example, you run a single lightbar and want be able to turn on the front, the rear, the takedowns, and the right and left alley separately.  In this case you would need a 5 function switchbox.  The next step is to decide where you will be mounting the switchbox and what available space you have.  You also need to know what current your switches will be drawing.  Individual LED lights and hide-away lights (such as the Whelen Vertex or Feniex Cannon) draw their power thru the activation wire.  Lightbars can be 2 different ways.  You have some bars with main power and ground wires that 95% of the current goes thru, and then small low current wires that control the different functions such as on and off.   Then you have bars that draw their current thru those same wires and do not usually have a main power and control.    Once you have these answers you can then choose your switch box. 

Remember if you have any questions we are here to help.  Louis

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