Site & Order Updates

So we have made some changes to the site and how orders are processed.   You may have noticed this if you called in an order this past week.  Our new system sends orders to shipping 4 times faster than before.  I say 4 times not because we were slow but because the minute the finalize button is pressed its up on their screen for shipping.  What does this mean for you the customer?  Most importantly you need to double check your order before finalizing and as always if you have any questions, we continue to ask that you “call BEFORE finalizing your order”.  With the new system there is less of a chance we will be able to stop an in-stock order.    Special Orders will go directly to the manufacturer thus speeding up lead times.  We will still prioritize orders if you request express shipping.   You will also get 2 emails notifying you of tracking as well as delivery.   With the new system our way of issuing quotes has changed.  We can email you a quote as before but not you have the opportunity to hit a button, pay, and the order goes directly to shipping.   Thus, making it easier for you as you can finish your order after hours. 

The only downside and its temporary is it’s taking us a bit longer to take some phone orders.  This will get faster as we learn the system. 

I hope everyone is staying safe, practicing social distancing, and in good health.  Louis

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