All warranties are held by their perspective manufacturers. Below you will find easy to follow instructions provided by each manufacturer to obtain warranty/repair service. Please follow each manufacturer's guidelines to obtain service.

Do not send product back to Emergency Equipment Warehouse unless directed to do so within the manufacturer info below. This will only delay your repair/warranty and cost you shipping fees.

Whelen Engineering

Ship to:
Whelen Factory Repair
Building B
51 Winthrop Road
Chester, CT 06412-0684

Please include

  1. A copy of the sales receipt if qualified for warranty coverage
  2. A short description of the problem
  3. Your name, return address (should it be different than what's on your invoice) and daytime phone number.

Please note that Whelen warranties their products from manufactured date, not from date of purchase. For complete warranty and repair information, refer to your Whelen User Direct Warranty statement or contact Whelen Engineering.

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